Youth Leadership Programs

Growing up is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be!  Make it easier for your youth to succeed in the game of life.  Allow Roundtree Training & Consulting to coach and train your high school or college students through one-on-one or group coaching to even the playing field by learning techniques to make winning decisions in their journey to find their purpose.

Developing the Qualities of a Leader

Everything rises and falls on leadership. But knowing how to lead is only half of the battle. Understanding leadership and actually leading are two different activities.


DISC for Youth

Taking the Youth DISC Assessment will help you get insight into your unique way of working with other people. When you know more about yourself, you will find it easier to communicate with your friends, your parents, your teachers and other adults. When you complete the assessment, you’ll also see a short list of careers that may fit well with your personality style… something to think about as you plan your future.


Intentional Living for Youth

Living a life of significance starts by creating your legacy now. We have to be intentional about making a difference and making our lives matter. ACTION not EXCUSES. To have a life that matters, you have to START! Start with yourself. Your BEST story begins with YOU.

Leading from the Lockers

This course will empower youth to have the mindset and actions to more effectively lead others in school and in the community. This course will also help youth understand how they can be leaders now. This will challenge them to develop the habits, practices, and mindset of a transformational leader. Students will not only learn but also be challenged and held accountable to applying what they learn.


Self-Image Workshop

Understand and apply key ways to develop and maintain a positive self-image. Developing a positive self-image teaches youth that we all are unique and add high value to others. With this in mind, we can build personal confidence and develop daily habits that will help youth maintain a positive self-image.


Sometimes You Win; Sometimes You Learn

Losing is a gift. We don’t learn from wins. They don’t make us better. Losses can. Learn how to turn a loss into a win.

We will customize a training program tailored to your individual, group and/or organizational needs.
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